Donald Trump Attacks Biden Official’s Wife

Donald Trump has gone after Special Counsel Jack Smith on Truth Social today with false accusations, “The Psycho ‘Prosecutor’ assigned to me for the Documents Hoax, “Jack Smith(?),” is not only, together with his with his wife, family & friends, a massive Trump Hater (of historic proportions!), but also someone that Viciously & Unscrupulously pursued others, only to be overturned unanimously by the U.S. Supreme Court. Why don’t they have a “Thug” like this going after Biden, who really did commit crimes? His “Prosecutor” is a nice guy, not a Trump Hating Monster. Very unfair, but people get it!”

Blue Line CEO John Rourke has slammed Joe Biden for allegedly ignoring East Palestine. As we all know, the middle-east has been engulfed in war ever since the beginning of time. Not stepping up and assisting has likewise been a cause for many to complain about various governmental outfits. Donald Trump had a hard stance and it all, but according to some, Biden does not.

As per Becker News, Blue Line CEO John Rourke had strong words for President Joe Biden, who is overseas escalating the odds of war in Europe, while former President Donald Trump is taking care of the ‘forgotten people’ of East Palestine, Ohio, who are still coping with the ecological disaster to their community ensuing from a Norfolk Southern train derailment on February 3.



Rourke appeared as a guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight, where he talked about being moved to tears by Trump’s visit. He also slammed Joe Biden for his failed leadership.

“So, as we said, the Biden administration has effectively done nothing to respond to an actual environmental disaster,’ Tucker said. “Donald Trump, by contrast, visited the town today and he bought a lot of McDonald’s for cleanup crews and for firemen. He handed out bottled water, including Trump Water. Trump also thanked John Rourke of the Blue Line Moving company for bringing water to people who live there.””What, what did you see there?” Tucker asked. “I’m embarrassed that we have not been there, but what was your impression of what’s happening in East Palestine?”

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