Donald Trump Attacks CNN Host Who Dates Men

Former President Donald Trump recently slammed the popular CNN host Don Lemon. An article noted that during the week of January 16, CNN’s average primetime viewership cratered to only 444,000 viewers. Between Ukraine, the disturb over House committee seats, and all the classified documents His Fraudulency Joe Biden scattered throughout the world, there was no shortage of news that week. After all, Fox News attracted an average of 1.996 million primetime viewers during that same week, nearly five times as many as CNNLOL. Even MSNBC attracted nearly a million, with 943,000 average primetime viewers.



Donald Trump criticizes Don Lemon

Don Lemon was demoted from his basement-rated primetime perch to save CNN’s failed morning show. It has been noted that with Lemon on board, New Day became CNN This Morning and it is a catastrophe that averaged only 331,000 viewers. During that same time, Fox News attracted 1.3 million viewers. During that same time, Fox News attracted 180,000 demo viewers. Don Lemon sunk to only 65,000 demo viewers.

Trump took to his Truth Social account and shared his thoughts on Don Lemon:

“Don Lemon has been a loser from Day One, has zero credibility. He is a negative ratings machine, and always will be. The Dumbest Man on Television!”

In total day total viewers, CNN barely cracked 400,000 with just 417,000. Fox News more than tripled that with 1.387 million. MSNBC did better than CNN, but still only averaged 629,000 total viewers throughout the day. In the all-important 25-54 age demo that sets advertiser rates, during those primetime hours, Fox News averaged 256,000 demo viewers, MSNBC averaged just 91,000, while CNN did little better with 93,000.

Throughout the day, Fox News averaged 176,000 demo viewers. CNN came in a distant second with 80,000. MSNBC came in last with 69,000.

In cable news, the baseline for success is 100,000 demo viewers. Both CNN and MSNBC are failing miserably.


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