Donald Trump Attacks GOP Governor For Melania Photo

Former President Donald Trump recently charged rival Ron DeSantis as the source of the flyers claiming Trump’s wife Melania Trump is ‘missing’ as their presidential tug-of-war played out at an Iowa college football game via Daily Mail.



The former president posted a substack note from ally Laura Loomer on his Truth Social account where Loomer charges the Florida governor with trolling the Trumps. At the Iowa-Iowa State college football game, a huge rivalry in the Hawkeye State, flyers with a photo of the former first lady asking ‘Where’s Melania?’ and showing the number of the Mar-a-Lago security office, were distributed. Also, a plane flew overhead dragging a banner reading ‘Where’s Melania?’

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It has been noted that there was instant speculation that the DeSantis team was behind it, with Trump allies taking to social media to blame the Florida governor.

Some speculated the DeSantis team was responding to the Trump campaign flying an aerial banner over the Iowa State Fair earlier this summer that said ‘Be Likeable, Ron!’ The dig from Trump was aimed at chatter that DeSantis is stiff on the campaign trail and has trouble connecting with voters.

And the former president took to defending his wife, who hasn’t been seen in public with him in almost a year.

Trump reposted Loomer’s posting that accused the DeSantis campaign of encouraging Iowans ‘to harass the former First Lady of the United States’ calling it ‘classless and disgusting.’ The DeSantis campaign did not respond to’s request for comment.

The flyer read: ‘Have you seen this woman? Where is our First Lady? Why is Donald Trump hiding her? We miss her. Please call 561-832-2600 if found.’

Melania Trump has rarely been seen in public over the past year.

She has said she supports her husband’s bid for a second term in the White House, but she hasn’t appeared at one of his campaign events in ten months – not since he announced his 2024 bid at Mar-a-Lago on November 15th, 2022.

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