Donald Trump Bathroom Photo Leaks In Indictment

A photo of Donald Trump’s bathroom leaked in his indictment.

Donald Trump is back in the news again – as predicted. Not a day will go by from now until the 2024 elections for the next President of the United States, during which, we are certain, Trump will be front and center in the firing line. Ironically, Trump once uttered “You’re Fired” on numerous occasions. Today, news is breaking concerning one of Trump’s lawsuits and it turns out Trump and FBI Director will be deposed, judge rules.

As per CNN, Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump along with FBI Director Christopher Wray can be deposed as part of a lawsuit from an ex-FBI agent who sued over his 2018 termination, a federal judge has ruled this Thursday, February 22, year of our Lord, 2023. 



The ruling ends a yearlong dispute over whether the former agent, Peter Strzok, could question them under oath. Strzok’s lawsuit alleges that Trump’s political vendetta prompted his firing and the public release of his texts, in violation of his constitutional rights and the Privacy Act.

DC District Judge Amy Berman Jackson held a sealed hearing Thursday morning, after which she issued a brief ruling.

As part of her ruling, Jackson said that the Biden White House must decide by late March whether the current president will assert executive privilege over conversations that Trump had directly related to Strzok’s firing.

Time will tell the outcome of this one. 

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Robert Hadley
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