Donald Trump Begs Son To Get Out Of Court

President Joe Biden’s recent comment made during a private fundraiser about his candidacy in relation to Donald Trump’s potential candidacy has garnered media attention. The comment was part of a longer exchange during an off-camera fundraising reception in Boston, reported by White House correspondents as part of a restricted press pool.



Biden’s statement, as reported in the pool, was, “If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running. But we cannot let him win for the sake of the country.” The full transcript of the event, released by the White House, provides additional context to the remark. In the extended exchange, Biden emphasized the high stakes of the election and cited articles from The Atlantic magazine featuring various commentators and academics expressing concerns about the state of American democracy.

Upon returning to the White House, Biden was questioned about the comment by a reporter. When asked if he would be running for president if Trump wasn’t running, Biden responded, “I expect so, but look. He is running, and I have to run.” When pressed on whether he would drop out if Trump dropped out, Biden replied, “No, not now.”

The comment has sparked discussion about the dynamics of the 2024 presidential race and the influence of potential opponents on Biden’s decision to seek reelection. The president’s assertion that he would likely run even if Trump weren’t in the race underscores the significance he places on the current political climate and his commitment to the country’s well-being.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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