Donald Trump Brutally Attacks Bill Maher On Fox

Donald Trump is taking an extremely progressive and productive turn. In a world gone mad, where people identify as cats and dogs, and where people are so sensitive they break like glass, the Trumpster is kicking up a storm – not a Daniels’ one either. Here is what big red said today about certain phony conservatives.

As per Truth Social to the Trumpster himself:



“Bill Maher is a Low Ratings sleazebag who should never be shown on a Conservative Network. He doesn’t believe in anything we stand for, and never will. He’s laughing at you for being weak and stupid! 

The Trumpster makes a great point. Whether you are aware or not, Donald just made is plain for all to understand. Take heed. Don’t be made a fool of. 

And big red was back at it again today with this:

“It amazes me that Fox News and soft Conservatives immediately put up Bill Maher on their Network when he makes a statement that is close to normal. They think they’re being so cool, but MAGA people and real Conservatives view them as fools, playing right into the Radical Left’s hands, and don’t like it….”

Slamed and they didn’t even see it coming. Trump will be at it again, and I am certain the lefties will come at him with everything they’ve got. Showtime!

Robert Hadley
Robert Hadley
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