Donald Trump Brutally Attacks His Judge’s Wife

Former President Donald Trump recently went after Judge Arthur Engoron’s wife, Dawn Engoron, via his Truth Social platform, accusing her of making negative social media posts about him online.



Dawn Engoron has previously denied the account Trump cited belongs to her.

The Republican frontrunner shared screenshots of posts made by a user named “Dawn Marie” who posted images of Trump in a prison cell and another post of an individual spray-painting “Fuck Trump” on a brick wall. The Twitter account also mocked the Trump’s civil lawyer Alina Habba’s over her performance in the courtroom and on cable news.

Approximately three weeks ago, Dawn Engoron released a statement to Newsweek denied having a Twitter account or writing anti-Trump posts online, adding “I do not have a Twitter account. This is not me. I have not posted any anti Trump messages.”

Despite the firm denial, Trump has pointed to the account to claim the case against his business in New York is a witch trial “aimed at me, my family, and the Republican Party.”

Judge Engoron’s Trump Hating wife, together with his very disturbed and angry law clerk, have taken over control of the New York State Witch Hunt Trial aimed at me, my family, and the Republican Party,” Trump wrote to his followers. “This is such an embarrassment to all within the New York State Judicial System, as murder and violent crime rage like never before!”

Trump and his supporters have called for a mistrial with the former president asking online, “At what point do High Court Officials step in, and end this Witch Hunt? Judge Engoron is making fools of the New York State Judicial System!”

Over the last year, Trump has been criminally indicted in four jurisdictions for crimes ranging from his handling of classified documents after leaving office to his attempts to overturn the result of the 2020 election.

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