Donald Trump Brutally Attacks Stephen Colbert

Former president Donald Trump recently took to his social media platform, Truth Social and posted a message which read about Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel:



“Wow, those TRUMP Hating Late Night Network ‘Shows’ are doing really badly… The worst ratings that those time slots have had (in Television History!),” Trump wrote.

“Why are the untalented fools who ‘host’ paid so much?” Trump asked.  “Does the DNC make a contribution as a wing of the Democrat Party? They are all a total joke – Not Talent, No Laughs!”

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Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at Trump

Jimmy Kimmel asked a question in regard to Trump during his late-night monologue Monday night.

“Remember Donald Trump? He used to be president?” J“I guess he woke up on the wrong side of the tanning bed this morning because he started the day today by lashing out at talk show hosts.”

From there, the host read aloud from the aforementioned message that the former president posted on his social media platform earlier in the day.

“Wow, you’d think being the father of Eric and Don Jr. he’d have more sympathy for ‘untalented fools,’” the host joked. He did admit that he and his fellow network late-night hosts “make a lot of money,” adding, “And you know what we do with that money? We pay taxes on it!”

And “while we’re on the subject of low ratings,” Kimmel continued, “Yours are lower than the wall you never built,” as headlines about Trump plummeting approval ratings appeared on the screen around him.

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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