Donald Trump Buys Gun At Store In Video

As revealed by footage online, President Trump could be seen purchasing a Glock in South Carolina.



Joe Scarborough, host of “Morning Joe,” dismissed the pessimism surrounding President Joe Biden and the recent polling data comparing him to former President Donald Trump. The show began the week by examining new polling data from NBC, which showed Trump and Biden in a virtual tie at 46 percent. They also discussed the Washington Post-ABC News poll, which generated significant attention by giving Trump a 10-point lead over Biden.

However, Scarborough, along with others on the show, questioned the validity of the Washington Post/ABC poll, noting that its findings were notably different from other polls and could be considered an outlier.

Scarborough referenced Mark Halperin’s newsletter, which quoted a commentator who criticized those who consistently underestimated Biden in the past and were proven wrong. Scarborough agreed with this sentiment, recalling instances where Biden exceeded expectations.

“Biden isn’t going to lose by nine points,” Scarborough asserted. He expressed frustration with the ongoing narrative that consistently underestimated Biden’s political acumen and success, citing past claims that he would be defeated in the 2020 election and that Democrats would suffer a significant loss in the 2022 midterms.

Scarborough emphasized that Biden has a history of being underestimated throughout his life but consistently winning in the end. He viewed the recent polling data with skepticism and humor, suggesting that the negative predictions about Biden have become repetitive and unconvincing.

In summary, Joe Scarborough dismissed the pessimistic predictions and polling data, highlighting Biden’s track record of defying expectations and prevailing in the face of doubt.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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