Donald Trump Calls Female TV Host A Man

As if the flames of the towering inferno aren’t already soaring higher than orbit, Donald the former and potential future US President is causing yet another heatwave of controversy. Over the weekend, Big Red caused a major stir of emotions when he called MSNBC Host, Mika Brzezinski, “Mike”. In reality she is a woman (or so she tells us)

As per Donald’s Truth Social, here is what Big Red had to say:



hear that ratings challenged (to put it mildly!) “Mike” and Joe Scarborough do almost nothing but talk trash about “Trump,” but it is just not working anymore. Whether it’s Fake News CNN, or Joe and Mike, together with their ratings collapsed “Network,” MSDNC, people just don’t want to hear Fake News anymore!

To ad yet another nail to this coffin:

From Big Red himself:

Every time Joe Scarborough and his sidekick, “Mike,” hit me with their Fake News, I’m going to hit them with NEWS of their REALLY BAD RATINGS. Same goes for their sick and dying cable platform, MSDNC, and the Chairman of “CONCAST,” Brian Roberts, who proudly allows FAKE NEWS to be reported at a level that few, just a short time ago, would have thought even possible. Bad reporting and FAKE NEWS is absolutely “KILLING” the USA!

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Robert Hadley
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