Donald Trump Caught ‘Admitting’ To Cheating On Melania?

According to Mediaite, a group of Steele Dossier truthers, long dormant but now revived, has gained momentum after former President Donald Trump brought up unverified and controversial claims against him during a recent rally in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Trump, for reasons unknown, chose to revisit the salacious allegations, including the infamous “golden showers” incident mentioned in the Christopher Steele dossier from the 2016 election.



Addressing his supporters, Trump recounted a story about Melania Trump dismissing the “golden showers” claims, asserting that she knew they were untrue. Notably, Trump specified that he was allegedly with four prostitutes, a detail that caught the attention of observers. The Steele Dossier itself does not specify the number of prostitutes involved, only mentioning “a number.”

This revelation led to social media reactions and speculation, with some interpreting Trump’s mention of four hookers as a confirmation or admission. The discourse around this detail sparked discussions online, with individuals pointing out that the Steele Dossier did not provide a specific number.

Despite the unverified nature of the claims and their debunking in the past, Trump’s decision to bring them up again puzzled many. The resurfacing of this narrative in a politically charged and divisive atmosphere raised questions about the motivations behind revisiting a topic that had previously benefited Trump politically. The reactions on social media highlighted the eagerness of some individuals to engage in the rehashing of old controversies, demonstrating the enduring impact of certain narratives in the public discourse.

He was with four hookers. You think that was good that night? To go up and tell my wife ‘It is not true, darling. I love you very much. It’s not true!’ Actually, that one she didn’t believe because she said ‘He’s a germaphobe, he’s not into that. He is not into golden showers, as they say, they call it. He’s not.’

I don’t like that idea. I thought that would be a big problem. I was going to have a rough night. But that one, she was very good on. She said ‘You’re okay on that one.’”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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