Donald Trump Caught Breaking Law With Weapon

Former President Donald Trump recently toured a firearms store in South Carolina Monday where he was presented with a Glock semi-automatic handgun featuring his very own visage on the handle via Media Ite.



A question quickly arose after Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung tweeted, “President Trump purchases a @GLOCKInc in South Carolina!”

In the accompanying video to Cheung’s tweet, Trump could be heard repeatedly saying, “I want to buy one,” before posing for photos with attendees, including South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson (R).

However, Cheung appears to have retracted his claim, possibly due to concerns that it would be illegal for Trump to acquire a new firearm. He deleted the tweet on Monday afternoon.

Kristen Holmes with CNN tweeted, “Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung clarifies to CNN that former President Donald Trump did NOT purchase a firearm at the armory in Summerville, South Carolina, on Monday.”

Her tweet came after CNN contributor and firearms expert Stephen Gutowski questioned the legality of such a purchase.

“It would be a crime for him to actually buy this gun because he’s under felony indictment. Did he actually go through with this purchase?” Gutowski tweeted.

Also questioning the legality was Jonathan Allen with NBC News.

“Trump bought a Glock in South Carolina, according to his spokesman. Federal law bans people under federal felony indictment from buying guns. BUT, federal judges, citing recent SCOTUS rulings, have said it’s not consistent with the Constitution,” Allen posted.

Gutowski was the first to question Cheung’s original tweet.

“There hasn’t been much talk about this but because Trump is under multiple federal felony indictments he can’t ‘receive’ new guns. He can keep the ones he has, but he can’t get new ones. I do wonder how that’s going to work out as he campaigns at places like gun stores,” Gutowski tweeted.

Gutowski added, “A federal judge struck down this prohibition as applied to a man in Texas last year. So, there are constitutional questions surrounding it. The case was appealed and is awaiting a ruling from a Fifth Circuit panel.”

Trump is in South Carolina for a sold-out campaign event at Sportsman Boats in Summerville. Local media reported that Trump was expected to be joined by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Gov. Henry McMaster (R)

After landing in Charleston, Trump said, “This is going to be an incredible campaign. Lindsey and everybody, the governor, everybody is with us. We have unified support in South Carolina, but we have it all over.”

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