Donald Trump Could Be Set To Lose Primary To…

A recent poll conducted by American Research Group, Inc. has revealed that Nikki Haley (R-SC) and Donald Trump are tied at 40% among likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire, so Trump could lose. The poll also showed that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) was tied at 4% with Vivek Ramaswamy (R), who withdrew from the race on Monday night. In addition, Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AK) polled at 1% and dropped out of contention on Tuesday.



The poll relied on 600 completed telephone interviews among a random sample of likely Republican primary voters living in New Hampshire (406 Republicans and 194 undeclared voters (independents)) from January 12-15, 2024. Margin of Error: ± 4 percentage points, 95% of the time, on questions where opinion is evenly split.

Trump handily won the Iowa caucuses by a huge margin — 51% — while DeSantis earned 21% and Haley took third with 19%. But these new numbers out of New Hampshire bolstered Haley’s argument that she won’t step on Thursday’s debate stage unless she gets a shot at Trump.

Haley posted to X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday:

“We’ve had five great debates in this campaign. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has ducked all of them. He has nowhere left to hide. The next debate I do will either be with Donald Trump or with Joe Biden. I look forward to it.”

As per the New Hampshire Bulletin, ABC and WMUR “have officially given Donald Trump and Nikki Haley’s campaigns a deadline of 5:00 pm Eastern time today to commit” to the debate.

Trump, who spent Tuesday in a Manhattan courtroom in the E. Jean Carroll rape/defamation case, has not responded to Haley’s debate challenge. That could leave Ron DeSantis on the stage all by his lonesome to answer the moderators’ questions.

DeSantis posted to X on Tuesday that Haley is afraid to debate him “because she doesn’t want to answer the tough questions.”

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