Donald Trump Creepy Remark To Jill Biden Leaks

Donald Trump posted a Truth Social post about Jill Biden’s good looks during the State of the Union, “His wife, Jill, is looking lovely tonight in a beautiful purple dress, clapping and applauding with great enthusiasm.”

Tensions are high. It’s not even summer and the living is anything but easy – for Presidential prospects and other political parties that is. But then again, when aren’t tensions ever high when it comes to those embroiled within the murky waters of politics. Donald J. Trump, hero to many, and perhaps the only sane man left in politics is targeting DeSantis, and his attacks are full force.



Check out the Truth Social post by big red himself:

In other news, and as per Tampa Bay Times, Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday he was happy to see the arrests of violent supporters of President Donald Trump who invaded the nation’s Capitol last week.

“I actually am glad to see some of these people being arrested from the DC thing, because I think the prosecutions will really make a difference,” he said during a news event to tout Florida’s vaccine rollout in The Villages on Tuesday. “I think it was a really unfortunate thing.”

But DeSantis appeared to brush off warnings from the FBI about armed Trump protesters marching on state capitol buildings across the country. Florida law enforcement officials said Monday they were weren’t aware of any credible threats directed toward Tallahassee or elsewhere in the state.

“I don’t know that I’ve got anything specific for it,” DeSantis said when asked about the FBI warning.

“If anything is disorderly, we’re going to act very quickly,” he said. “If there’s any type of disorder, we’ll have the reinforcements there.”

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