Donald Trump Creepy Video With Attorney Leaks

Donald Trump is the epicenter of attraction wherever he goes. The former President was seen inside the New York State courtroom where Attorney General Letitia James was caught eyeballing former President Donald Trump.



The video footage was captured when Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer was interviewing guest Jonathan Turley phoning in his opinion. Donald Trump has been found guilty of a business fraud and. The former President didn’t look petrified Monday morning while the Judge reviews the situation and decides on the punishment for Donald Trump. The bigger question is whether the charges will be proven or not in the court of law.

According to Mediaite, Donald Trump’s team had sent out an oppo file via email where they have tried to state that these charges are wrongly put by AG James. Judge Arthur Engoron looked amused at the moment captured by the shutterbug, and the camera operator was also able to capture his through his lens. While it has to be seen on what happens of the charges, these funny moments definitely tell us of what happens behind those doors where someone is charged and the other has to prove their point to get someone to accept those charges.

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