Donald Trump Defends Hunter Biden After Drug…

Former President Donald Trump recently sympathized President Joe Biden on Thursday as his son Hunter Biden was found guilty of three federal felony gun charges via Mediaite.



Fox News asked Trump about Hunter, who was found guilty of illegally possessing a firearm and lying on his application when he was addicted to crack cocaine, Trump said, “Well, I think it’s a very serious thing. I understand that whole subject. I understand it pretty well because I’ve had it with people who have it in their family.”

He continued:

It’s a very tough thing. It’s a very tough situation for a father, it’s a very tough situation for a brother or sister, and it goes on and it’s not stopping, whether it’s alcohol or drugs or whatever it may be. It’s a tough thing, and so that’s a tough moment for the family. It’s a tough moment for any family involved in that.

“Showing quite a bit of empathy there,” said Fox News correspondent Aishah Hasnie following the interview. “But he doesn’t go as far as to say whether he would pardon his own son if he were in that similar situation.”

It is noted that Trump’s older brother, Fred Trump Jr., passed away in 1981 at the age of just 42 following a battle with alcoholism, influencing the former president’s abstinence from alcohol.

Biden previously stated that he would not pardon his son if found guilty, and on Thursday he confirmed his decision.

“I am satisfied that I’m not going to do anything,” said Biden. “I said I’d abide by the jury decision. I will do that, and I will not pardon him.”


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