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In response to false claims by former President Donald Trump and other Republicans regarding President Joe Biden’s stance on abortion rights, Director of the White House Gender Policy Council, Jennifer Klein, firmly debunked these claims during a Zoom briefing.

Tommy Christopher from Mediaite posed questions about these misleading attacks, specifically referencing Trump’s repeated claims that Democrats support abortions even after birth, a claim loosely based on comments by then-Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia. Christopher also raised the issue of Democrats supporting abortions up to the ninth month due to ambiguities in the viability framework.

Klein addressed both claims directly and said that President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris do not support abortion up until the time of birth or after birth, categorically stating that such actions do not constitute abortion. Klein reiterated that the administration’s position aligns with restoring the protections of Roe v. Wade through federal legislation, which has historically safeguarded women’s health and rights for nearly five decades.

On top of that, Klein condemned the rhetoric surrounding these false claims as a deliberate distraction from what she described as an extremist agenda aimed at implementing a national abortion ban. She underscored the administration’s commitment to ensuring reproductive rights for all women across every state through federal law, giving more emphasis to clarity in their stance on this crucial issue.

TOMMY CHRISTOPHER – MEDIAITE: Yeah, I have a question. It’s sort of a dual question. There have been a pair of false attacks on abortion that I’d like you to respond to.

The one, first one is the one that Donald Trump keeps saying that Democrats believe in, aborting the child after birth — murdering children after they’re born. Based on something Ralph Northam said a few years ago.

And then there’s another one where they say Democrats support abortion up to, the ninth month because there’s no specific number of weeks in the viability framework.

So I’m wondering how the president can respond to simply and clearly to both of those attacks.

JENNIFER KLEIN: Thank you. First and foremost, the president and the vice president do not support abortion up until the time of birth.

Nor do they support abortion after birth. In fact, that’s not abortion!

Second of all, you know, both the president, the vice president, this entire administration has been quite clear and unequivocal that we support restoring the protections of Roe in federal law, and we’re not proposing something new.

Roe protected women’s health and safety for nearly 50 years. And again, the president has been quite clear that a federal law is the only way to ensure reproductive rights for every woman, woman in every state.

And I think the rhetoric that you pointed to is really a blatant effort to distract from the extremist agenda and the ultimate goal of enacting a national abortion ban.

And again, the president and vice president have been clear and unequivocal that what they support is restoring the protections of Roe in federal law.

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