Donald Trump Drops JFK Jr. Death Bombshell

Former President Donald Trump recently discussed his friendship with John F. Kennedy Jr. in a new interview with Mark Levin during a recent airing of “Life, Liberty & Levin.” He spoke about John’s marriage to his wife and revealed that it was ”volatile” but that they loved each other.



Here is what he said about John and his wife dying:

“They got on that plane and it was just a disaster.”

Trump said John was going to sell George magazine and ”run for the senate.” He said he would have been President. “His mom wanted him to get into politics.”

Trump also stated “I got to know John Kennedy very well. John John. Fantastic guy. I think he could’ve been president.”

During the same interview, Trump talked about Bill Clinton. He revealed that he used to have a cordial relationship with the 42nd president and his wife, so much so as to frequently exchange letters with Clinton.

“They came to my wedding,” Trump quipped, as Bill and Hillary were guests of his 2005 wedding to the former Melania Knauss.

Other guests included left-wing pundit Chris Matthews and a slew of famous New Yorkers including Billy Joel, Tony Bennett, former Republican Gov. George Pataki and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Bill Clinton used to play regularly at Trump National Golf Club Westchester, he added.

“He loved that course. He was there a lot. He just loved it. He loves playing golf, and he was… better [at golf] than people think… He’s got a certain athleticism, actually.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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