Donald Trump Drops ‘Regretful’ Oprah Bombshell

Former President Donald Trump recently spoke to The Victory Channel when he talked about Oprah Winfrey speaking about Presidential run.



“We have a lot of interest that Oprah Winfrey saying we should run for President together. President and Vice President, nobody could beat us. She probably regrets saying that but we have so many, Rosie O’ Donnell wrote almost like beatiful letters.”

Oprah Winfrey once wrote to Donald Trump that it was “too bad we’re not running for office” because they would make a successful “team”.

The chat show host’s letter was one of 150 set to be published by Trump next month in a collection of his correspondence with celebrities, politicians, heads of state and members of the Royal family.

Letters to Trump is expected to also include correspondence from Diana, Princess of Wales, Hillary Clinton and Kim Jong-un.

There will also be letters from Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Arnold Palmer.

According to Axios, Regis Philbin, the late American TV presenter, began his letter to Trump with the salutation “My Dear Trumpster”.

Winfrey’s letter was written in 2000 after Mr Trump sent her an excerpt from his book called “The America We Deserve”.

In it he wrote that Winfrey would be his “first choice” for vice president.

Winfrey, in a handwritten letter, replied: “Donald, I received the book excerpt. I have to tell you your comments made me a little weepy.

“It’s one thing to try and live a life of integrity – still another to have people like yourself notice. Thank you, Oprah.”

She added: “Too bad we’re not running for office. What a team!”

The letter, first published by Axios, was dated January 2000.

After Trump declared his run for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, Winfrey reportedly did not speak to him again.

Letters To Trump is due to be published on April 25.

The letters were selected by Trump and he has accompanied each with a personal commentary.

In a statement, Winning Team Publishing, the book’s publisher, said it would offer a “glimpse into history”.

It said the book “reveals part of the incredible private collection of correspondence between President Donald J. Trump and the countless world leaders, celebrities, athletes and business leaders who shaped the United States and the world.

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