Donald Trump Drops Sad Michael Jackson Bombshell

Donald Trump recently discussed Michael Jackson’s problems with paparazzi in a new Mark Levin interview.



Here is what former President said:

“Michael Jackson used to tell me that, I’d say, ‘Michael, is it always this way?’ He’d say, ‘No no, Japan is worse.’ In regards to the paparazzi.”

Meanwhile, Trump embraced a Jan. 6 defendant at a diner during a campaign stop Thursday night, calling the woman, who served prison time for her actions during the Capitol attack and wants former Vice President Mike Pence executed for treason, “terrific.”

It was on the same day that Pence testified before a federal grand jury as part of special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election and keep himself in power.

Micki Larson-Olson, a QAnon supporter who said she considers Trump the “real president,” was convicted last year of unlawful entry on Capitol grounds. On Thursday night, she met Trump for the first time at the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester.

On Jan. 6, Larson-Olson climbed the set up for Joe Biden’s inauguration and held on when police tried to remove her; she later bragged on social media and in an interview that it took six officers to remove her. Larson-Olson told NBC News that she “refused” to leave the platform and has “absolutely no regrets” about her actions that day.

“My only regret is that I wasn’t stronger, that I couldn’t hold on longer,” Larson-Olson told NBC News in an hourlong interview Friday. She said she told officers they were going to have to shoot her to get her off the platform. “You can shoot me dead, for all I care, I’m not walking down these damn stairs,” Larson-Olson said she told officers.

Larson-Olson said she believes that the members of Congress who voted to certify Biden’s presidential election should be executed.

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