Donald Trump Explodes At ‘Convicted Felon’ In Court

In a recent post on his Truth Social platform, former President Donald Trump expressed his strong condemnation of the ongoing legal proceedings against him in the New York State Judicial System. Trump denounced the case led by what he referred to as a “bogus” Attorney General, labeling it a “giant SCAM” lacking any substantial evidence or credible claims. He emphasized the absence of a “smoking gun” and asserted that, aside from himself, there was no identifiable victim nor any evidence of a crime.



Trump further criticized the credibility of the case, pointing to the key witness, Michael Cohen, a convicted felon whose testimony, according to Trump, crumbled under scrutiny. The former president highlighted Cohen’s admission of falsehoods and his acknowledgment that Trump had never instructed him to manipulate any data. Trump’s post reflected his belief that the ongoing legal pursuit against him is politically motivated, labeling it a “Witch Hunt” that has brought disgrace upon the New York State Judicial System.

The post concluded with a reference to Mar-a-Lago, a nod to his resort in Florida, hinting at a sense of resilience and defiance in the face of the legal challenges he continues to confront. Trump’s sharp criticism of the case resonated with his consistent narrative of being unfairly targeted and vilified, underscoring the ongoing contentious relationship between him and the New York legal system.

The New York State Judicial System is under attack because of the way the bogus A.G. “case” has played out. It’s a giant SCAM, with no “smoking gun,” No Victim (except me!), and absolutely no crime. Their only witness, already convicted felon Michael Cohen, crumbled like nothing I have ever seen before. He ADMITTED HE LIED, AND THEN ADMITTED THAT I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, TOLD HIM TO INFLATE THE NUMBERS!!! Everybody thinks that this political Witch Hunt should END TODAY. It is an embarrassment to New York…And Remember Mar-a-Lago!!! Donald Trump Truth Social Post 08:54 AM EST 11/09/23
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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