Donald Trump Explodes At Muslims With Threat

Donald Trump issued a warning to those supporting the Hamas attack on Israel. The former president was speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition Leadership Summit on Saturday. He took it upon himself to right the wrong and did everything in his power to talk about his stand in the current situation.



According to Gateway Pundit, Trump was vocal about how he would close borders and deport people who support the jihadi mindset. Donald Trump said the liberal party was a Jewish-hater. He went ahead and talked about what will be his first line of action when he comes into power.

The college campuses are being taken over, and all of the resident aliens who joined in the pro jihadist protest this month, nobody’s ever seen anything like it. Come 2025, we will find you, and we will deport you. We will deport you. We will deport you…

…You’ve been watching in the past three weeks, crooked Joe Biden has turned a blind eye to the greatest outbreak of anti Semitism in American history. You have the greatest I call up friends of mine who happen to be Jewish. I say, are you watching what’s going on? And they’re actually frightened. These are some pretty strong people. They’re tough people. They’re frightened. Their kids are afraid to go to school, and they never had that before. But in our colleges, media, and even government, nobody’s ever seen anything like Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar, who openly campaign against Israel. Nobody’s ever seen anything like this before. When asked recently about rising anti-Semitic hate, Joe Biden’s own press secretary had nothing to say about the rabid mobs in the street. And they’re shouting, ‘Kill the Jews. Kill the Jews.’ And she had nothing to say. In fact, she stuck up for the other side. She started talking about the other side. You all saw it. Nobody could believe it. Then she came back later and said, oh, I misunderstood the question.

As president, I will absolutely protect our Jewish citizens from these maniacs, lunatics, radical left thugs. Threats, or crimes of violence against Jews will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Right now, they go after Republicans, including me. They go after lots of people. They go after Catholics. I don’t know what it is with the Catholics, but they’re really after the Catholics, and they’re after people wanting to make their school district better.

This is a strange thing that’s happening in our country. While in office, I took the strongest action of any president in history to combat the vile scourge of anti-Semitism. You know that. I signed a landmark executive order fighting antisemitic hate on college campuses and affirming that discrimination against Jewish students will be aggressively punished as a violation of civil rights.

When I get back into office, I will put every single university and college president on notice. The American taxpayer will not subsidize the creation of terrorist sympathizers on American soil.

Donald Trump has a message for the Jihadi supporters

Donald was vocal about how he would throw people away from The United States if they supported Jihadi mindset. Trump was clear that he has zero tolerance for such situations. It’s important to know that Trump is trying to portray himself as the only possible candidate for the top position in the country.

There’s a lot going on for Donald Trump and it needs to be seen if he will make it. Trump has indictment cases against him, and it will only be possible for him to hold the top spot if all the cases against him are dropped.

What do you make of Donald Trump’s comments? Chime in.

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