Donald Trump Explodes Over Trans Kids In Video

Donald Trump is repeating some of his previous commitments as he heads into the presidential election race in 2024. The former president has vowed to “ban child genital mutilation.” The 45th president was addressing people when he made these remarks. It’s important to know that Trump has made these remarks in the past too.



The former commander in chief is trying everything in his power to make way for his win come next year. He is addressing reporters during his trials, people in rallies and attacking those that think different to his approach through Truth Social.

Donald Trump has a long road ahead of the 2024 elections

Donald Trump has a long way as he has to deal with indictment and trials in different parts of the country. He is trying to get the judgement in his favour so that he can talk about it during his rallies.

It’s important to note that Trump has been partially successful because most of his claims have been in front of his people. The people who support him, instead of those who are ready to ask him serious questions.

Trump knows that the path to the White House goes through these court houses. He needs to secure a win there and also in the polls to ensure that he has no one to question him when he is holding the top position.

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