Donald Trump Exposes Howard Stern As Fraud

According to Mediate, former President Donald Trump has entered the fray of criticism directed at Howard Stern through a post on Truth Social, his social media platform. Stern, a legendary radio host, has been making headlines recently for his outspoken views on various subjects, including Rep. Lauren Boebert’s disruptive appearance at the musical “Beetlejuice” and his self-proclaimed embrace of being “woke,” a term often associated with progressive ideals, and his refusal to support Trump.



In a clip shared by Trump from Fox & Friends First, Jimmy Failla, the host of Fox Across America, passionately criticized Stern, attributing his perceived decline to his association with Trump. Failla’s remarks in the clip shed light on the former friendship between Trump and Stern, emphasizing that they used to be on each other’s shows regularly. Failla questioned why Stern would associate with Trump if he truly believed Trump to be the “worst guy who ever walked the face of the earth.”

Failla went on to draw parallels between Trump and Stern’s styles, describing both as crass and vulgar, resonating with a similar demographic of working-class individuals. He asserted that Trump’s approach to communication, coupled with his ability to connect with this demographic, propelled him to the White House. This, according to Failla, had a detrimental effect on Stern’s status as the “king of all media,” transforming him into the “Prince Harry of all media” where nobody seemed to care about his commentary anymore.

Failla attributed Stern’s downfall to ego, emphasizing Stern’s super ego and self-importance as a media personality. He also delved into the realm of politics, suggesting that Stern’s shift towards more woke and politically correct viewpoints was, in part, due to the fear of being “canceled” by a crowd that would disapprove of his past actions, such as instances of objectifying women and wearing blackface in sketches.

The criticism directed at Stern by Trump and Failla underscores the complex dynamics of media personalities, evolving public perceptions, and the impact of political affiliations on public figures’ careers. Stern’s outspokenness and evolving views have certainly placed him at the center of public discourse, with diverse opinions and reactions coming from all corners of the political and media spectrum.

“Donald Trump’s media omnipotence broke Howard Stern. This is very important. Trump used to be on Stern’s show every week. They were friends. So this idea that Trump was the worst guy who ever walked the face of the earth, why were you hanging out with him?” Failla said in the clip.

“Trump came along and had a similar act to Howard’s in the sense that he was crass and vulgar, and he really did resonate with the little guy. And he rode that mentality all the way to the White House. It killed Howard because he was the king of all media. He had that super ego of like, ‘I’m the most important person to ever open their mouth in front of a microphone.’ And suddenly Trump turned Howard from the king of all media into the Prince Harry of all media. Nobody cared,” Failla said.

“Its 100% ego,” he added. “The secondary level to this is politics from the standpoint of how he did so many things that were anti-woke. When you talk about objectifying women, when you talk about wearing blackface in your sketches, that his political proclamations are the end result of a hostage situation. He openly takes them every day because he knows that crowd would cancel him in a second for all of the things he did.”

Harrison Carter
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