Donald Trump Exposes Stephen Colbert As Fraud

The Hollywood writers’ strike has come to an end, marking the return of liberal late-night comedians to their respective shows after approximately five months of being off the air. NBC News reported on this development, highlighting the enthusiastic return of late-night television.



Stephen Colbert, for instance, kicked off his show with a dolphin-related theme, while Jimmy Fallon started with a musical skit. Jimmy Kimmel, however, appeared despondent and was seen on the couch with his therapist, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who provided reassurance, saying, “You’ll be back.”

The strike had led to a hiatus in new episodes of late-night talk shows since it began on May 2. On Tuesday, a three-year agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers was approved, allowing the writers to resume their work.

“We’re back, baby!” That was the message and the theme as late-night television returned to the airwaves Monday after a writers strike that shut down new shows for around five months.

Stephen Colbert featured a dolphin, Jimmy Fallon opened with a musical skit, and a despondent Jimmy Kimmel was on the couch with his therapist (Arnold Schwarzenegger, who reassured him, “You’ll be back”).

Without writers, late-night talk shows stopped airing new episodes after the strike began May 2.

On Tuesday, a three-year agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers was approved by the writers guild negotiating committee, the WGA West Board and the WGA East Council — meaning writers could go back to work.

In response to the return of these late-night shows, former President Donald Trump didn’t hold back in expressing his opinion. He criticized the comedians, describing them as “talentless, low-rated CREEPS,” and suggested that their shows were effectively serving as a campaign contribution to the Radical Left Democratic Party.

Trump’s comments were shared on Truth Social, a social media platform associated with him, where he further emphasized his disapproval of the strike resolution. He remarked that there was a reason he didn’t want to see the strike settled, and he referred to the late-night talk shows as “True LOSERS.”

The former president also reiterated his belief that these shows were contributing significantly to the Radical Left Democrat Party, a point he had previously made. His comments underscore the ongoing political and cultural debates surrounding late-night television and its impact on the broader political landscape.

Now that the “strike” is over, the talentless, low rated CREEPS of Late Night Television are back. I knew there was a reason I didn’t want to see it settled – True LOSERS!!!

Remember when I told you that the poorly rated and not at all funny Late Night Talk Shows are nothing less than a major Campaign Contribution to the Radical Left Democrat Party. Watch what is going on – so interesting!

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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