Donald Trump Forced To Delete Weapon Attack Photo

Former President Donald Trump recently stated that he expects to be arrested in connection with the investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney next week. He went on to call for protests as New York law enforcement prepares for a possible indictment. A photo of Donald Trump’s plane taking off to fly to New York for his arrest was also leaked.



The controversy sparked around the hush money payment that Cohen admitted that he made to Stormy Daniels during the fall of Trump’s 2016 White House bid to keep her from coming forward about an alleged affair she had with the then-candidate. Trump has denied the affair. Previously, TMZ reported that Daniels was experiencing the impact of Trump’s potential impending arrest and reportedly strengthening her security after receiving multiple threats.

Donald Trump’s attorney recently admitted that the former president’s recent social post attacking Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was “ill-advised,” though he also noted that he is not his client’s social media adviser.

Lawyer Joe Tacopina was pressed during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” about Trump’s post on Truth Social, which included a since-deleted image of himself holding a baseball bat near an image of Bragg with his hands up.

“Mr. Trump has described District Attorney Alvin Bragg this week as a ‘Soros-backed animal,’ said he was ‘doing the work of anarchists and the devil,’ called him a ‘degenerate psychopath,’ he called him a Soros ‘racist in reverse’ and ‘this is the Gestapo,’” NBC host Chuck Todd said. “As his lawyer, do you stand by those comments?”

“As his lawyer, I want to dissect this case because it’s a case that shouldn’t be brought and wouldn’t be brought before anyone other than Donald Trump,” Tacopina responded. “Let’s be clear about that.

“Does anyone actually think, left, right or in the middle, that anyone else would be prosecuted for making a civil settlement in a hush-money case with personal funds? Of course not,” he went on. “No one’s ever been prosecuted for that. You know, the closest we’ve come is John Edwards back in that day where a donor paid $900,000 for his mistress and child to be housed somewhere. That case was ultimately dismissed by the Department of Justice after they couldn’t get a conviction. And that was with a donor.”

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