Donald Trump Forgets Barack Obama’s Name

Donald Trump forgot how to spell Barack Obama’s name in a new Truth Social rant.



“Chris Christie was so star struck with Barack Hussein Obuma [sic], that Mitt Romney, who is a terrible politician and horrible representative of the Republican Party, never had a chance of winning the Presidency,” argued Trump in a Truth Social post. “Christie sold Romney out, making one of the worst Convention Speeches in History—Virtually not even mentioning Romney by name. Romney sat watching, in a trance—He couldn’t believe it!”

According to CNN sources, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team is honing in on a significant Oval Office meeting that took place in February 2020, during which then-President Donald Trump reportedly boasted about the robustness of election security. At this gathering, U.S. officials presented information about the measures in place to safeguard the election system, including details about mail-in ballots, security audits, and other protective measures. Trump was so impressed by the information presented that he even entertained the idea of holding a press conference to take credit for the work done to secure the election.

However, just a few weeks after this meeting, Trump’s public rhetoric took a sharp turn as he began to amplify conspiracy theories and cast doubt on the integrity of the election. He started making baseless claims about fraud, especially concerning mail-in ballots, and even went so far as to assert that the election was rigged against him.

The contrast between Trump’s initial acknowledgment of election security and his subsequent promotion of unfounded claims has caught the attention of the special counsel’s office, leading them to examine this particular meeting as it provides insights into Trump’s mindset and how he processed factual information presented to him. The special counsel’s investigation appears to be comprehensive, reaching as far back as early 2020, with a focus on understanding what Trump genuinely believed versus what he may have been told by different individuals, including experts and non-experts who propagated baseless conspiracy theories about the election’s integrity.

The ongoing investigation has significant implications for understanding Trump’s actions and intentions surrounding the election, including whether he truly believed in the unsubstantiated claims or whether they were part of a calculated effort to challenge and overturn the election results.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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