Donald Trump Getting Mistrial After Photo Leak?

Laura Loomer posted: Judge Juan Merchan just notified all parties involved in President Trump’s recent NYC trial that the court became aware today of a Facebook comment that was posted on the Facebook page of the Unified Court System that said,



“My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted & Thank you folks for all your hard work!!!!.”

The comment was made on May 29, 2024, days BEFORE President Trump’s guilty verdict was announced, which means he could now be entitled to a mistrial because the jury pool was tainted and compromised.

This is further evidence that President Trump didn’t receive a fair trial!

Collin Rugg said: The man “Michael Anderson” who was mentioned by Judge Juan Merchan in his letter to both parties in the NY Trial, appears to be a troll.

The Facebook profile believed to be the man who made the comment about having inside information on the Trump trial, says he is “Transabled & a professional sh*t poster.”

He also uploaded a photo on June 1 of rock star GG Allin wearing a dress and a dog collar while smoking a cigarette.

Multiple screenshots are going around of Anderson saying he had inside information on the case because his “cousin is a juror.”

The Trump legal team is currently investigating the matter.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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