Donald Trump Getting Third Term In White House?

Former President Donald Trump addressed a crowd at a rally in Laconia, New Hampshire, delivering a speech filled with his characteristic style, including slurring, gaffes, sound effects, and pantomime. Amidst the chaotic moments, Trump expressed his grievances about the 2020 election, which he lost to President Joe Biden. A particularly enthusiastic supporter shouted, “Twelve Years of Trump!” to which Trump responded with approval but also a cautionary note.



As Trump recounted an alternate universe where he would be finishing his second term, the supporter interjected with the desire for twelve years of Trump’s presidency. The crowd echoed with chants of “Four more years!” Trump acknowledged the sentiment with a laugh and a warning not to say it too loudly, joking that people might accuse him of wanting more years in power and label him a “fascist.”

In response to the crowd member’s suggestion of twelve years, Trump acknowledged the truth in a light-hearted manner but cautioned about the potential criticism he might face for such a desire. He acknowledged the labels thrown at him by political opponents, including being called a fascist. Trump asserted that those who engage in actions against political opponents are the real fascists and pose a danger to the country.

Following this moment, the rally took a turn with heckling and protests, showcasing the divisive nature of Trump’s political presence and the varied reactions from the audience. The episode captured the mix of fervent support and opposition that typically characterizes Trump’s rallies.


DONALD TRUMP: But think of it. I would now be rounding out my term. In other words, if they didn’t do all these things, and I could name ten more. Or more. I’d now be rounding it out! It would almost be over!

But because they did mess with me. Now they’ve got us and me for four more years! Think of that!

TRUMP CROWD MEMBER: Four more years!

DONALD TRUMP: We’ll drive ’em crazy!

TRUMP CROWD MEMBER: Four more years!

DONALD TRUMP: Every time the radical left Democrats, Marxist communists and fascists indict me. I consider it a great badge of honor, I really do. I’m being indicted for you! Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

Never forget our enemies want to–.


DONALD TRUMP: (laughs) You’re right. That’s very true. Don’t say that too loud! They’ll start say he wants more. “He’s a fascist!”.

You know. They love to call me a fascist. “He’s a fascist!”.

The fascists are the people that will do what they’re doing to a political opponent. Those are fascists, by the way. Those are the people that are a danger to the country.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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