Donald Trump Getting Trials ‘Halted’ Before Election?

Former President Donald Trump was enraged about the civil and criminal trials closing in on him — especially the one scheduled to start in a matter of weeks via Mediaite.



It has been noted that Trump showed up to court recently for a hearing in the case that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has brought involving hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels, which resulted in a several-dozen-count indictment of Trump. The result of the hearing was that Judge Juan Merchan denied Trump’s motion to dismiss the charges and set a March 25 trial date.

It appears that Trump is currently facing a total of 91 felony charges in federal and state trials. However, out of all these trials, the one scheduled for March seems to be the most concerning for him. Despite winning a significant victory over his last remaining GOP rival in her home state over the weekend, Trump spent the rest of the weekend and the beginning of the week venting his frustration on social media about the ongoing trials, particularly focusing on the Bragg case.

Just before midnight Sunday, Trump shared with his Truth Social followers that he was watching a TV show about the just-concluded New York state fraud case that he enjoyed very much and urged them to stay up until 3 am to catch the rerun:

Wow! The Mark Levin Show just showed how Unconstitutional and unfair the NYSAG CASE against me is. A TOTAL HOAX — ELECTION INTERFERENCE AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL! Next showing, 3:00 A.M. Eastern, on FoxNews!

And first thing Monday morning, Trump raged against all of the cases by falsely attacking President Joe Biden and demanding all of the trials be “HALTED” — including “local” prosecutions like Bragg’s:

The Very Strict Rules and Regulations of the Department of Injustice STATE CLEARLY that you can’t prosecute a Political Opponent, or anyone, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS/HER CAMPAIGN. Why didn’t they bring these FAKE Charges THREE YEARS AGO? That would have solved all of their problems. (The answer is that they AIMED for the various trials to come up during my campaign for President, 2024!). This includes DOJ subservient “subsidiaries” like local D.A. & A.G. Offices. In other words, all of these FAKE POLITICAL PROSECUTIONS (PERSECUTIONS!) OF CROOKED JOE BIDEN’S POLITICAL OPPONENT MUST BE IMMEDIATELY HALTED!

President Trump has made repeated claims that President Biden is behind the legal charges he faces. However, these claims are erroneous and factually incorrect. President Trump faces a total of 34 felony counts in New York, 37 counts related to the retention of classified documents under the Espionage Act, and a superseding indictment by Special Counsel Jack Smith that includes three additional charges against Trump.

These charges include one additional count of unlawful retention of National Defense Information and two new obstruction counts. Additionally, Trump faces another Smith indictment for his attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election, and 13 election crimes counts in Georgia. It is important to note that these charges are not related to President Biden or his administration.

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