Donald Trump & Harvey Weinstein Jail Bombshell Leaks

After Donald Trump’s indictment, some speculate that he may be jailed. This is not certain. However, if Trump is jailed for the indictment he is likely, as rumors suggest, to be jailed in Rikers Island.

As per The Mail, Former U.S. President Donald Trump may face several years of incarceration if he is found guilty of any charges brought against him in a historic indictment in New York.



The 45th president’s legal woes have been snowballing for several years, with another legal probe still ongoing in Georgia as well as a possible federal investigation.

If Trump, who is now 76 years of age, and still campaigning for office in 2024, is jailed over the claims he paid hush money to porn actress Stormy Daniels then he will most likely end up at Rikers Island jail – which houses some of the city’s most notorious criminals.

Mike Lawlor, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of New Haven, told that it is most likely for Trump to end up at the infamous facility based on where his trial will be heard.

Trump would be given a no-frills treatment -similar to that of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein – and would be forced to wear the second-hand orange boiler suit.

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Robert Hadley
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