Donald Trump Hating CNN Hosts Getting Fired?

Recent reports suggest that prominent CNN hosts, including Anderson Cooper and Chris Wallace, may be at risk of losing their positions under the network’s current management. Allegedly, the decision is driven by the consistently low ratings these hosts have delivered, contributing to a decline in CNN’s viewership.



The report from In Touch indicates that the network’s new CEO, Mark Thompson, is planning significant budget cuts and targeting anchors with substantial salaries to revamp the network amidst declining ratings. Notable hosts such as Anderson Cooper, Chris Wallace, Wolf Blitzer, and Jake Tapper are reportedly facing potential job cuts as part of these cost-cutting measures.

Insiders claim that Anderson Cooper, who earns a staggering $20 million annually, is aware of his vulnerability and has begun exploring new opportunities. Chris Wallace, with an $8 million salary, is also reported to anticipate being a potential target for job cuts.

Big-bucks talent will become history at CNN as the spiraling network’s new honcho slashes budgets and takes aim at anxious anchors with oversized salaries, insiders say.

New CEO Mark Thompson is preparing ruthless cuts to remake the network as ratings plunge — leaving Anderson Cooper, Chris Wallace, Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper facing dates with the axman, a source says.

“Anderson knows he’s on the chopping block because he makes a whopping $20 million a year. He’s already started looking for a new gig!” a network insider exclusively tells In Touch. “Chris Wallace takes $8 million and figures he’s a likely target, too!”

Insiders say other network favorites — including $15 million man Blitzer and $8 million gent Tapper – are also bracing for the boot!

“Everybody knows the focus is on cutting costs,” the insider continues. “No one is safe!”

Other network favourites, including Wolf Blitzer with a $15 million salary and Jake Tapper with an $8 million salary, are said to be preparing for possible layoffs. The overarching strategy appears to be a focus on reducing costs, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty among CNN’s high-profile hosts.

John Nolte from Breitbart News emphasizes CNN’s decline in ratings throughout February, with significantly lower viewership compared to competitors such as Fox News and MSNBC. The report underscores the seemingly disproportionate salaries of CNN hosts in relation to their viewer numbers.

Throughout all of February, CNN averaged only 479,000 total day viewers and 573,000 primetime viewers. Fox News earned almost four times as many primetime viewers as CNN, while MSNBC earned a little over twice as many.

Fox & Friends Sunday earned more total viewers (1.12 million) than CNN’s highest-rated show in February, Erin Burnett Tonight’s pathetic 743,000.

These CNN idiots are paying Anderson Cooper $20 million to attract 741,000 viewers, Tapper $8 million to attract 717,000 viewers, and Wolf Blitzer $15 million to attract fewer than 700,000 viewers. Who the hell knows what CNN pays Chris Wallace $8 million for.

To normal people, that is stark-raving insane, but normal people don’t run CNN.

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