Donald Trump Hires TNA Wrestling Star

The IMPACT Wrestling star Crimson was recently spotted working as a security personnel at the former US President Donal Trump’s rally in Alaska on Saturday night as he campaigned for several candidates he has endorsed in the state, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. One of the fans on Twitter noted the security outside the rally that includes Anchorage Police, secret service, troopers. It was noted that there was an entrance screening done by TSA. But most noticeable is this private security force in the building hired by Trump.



Several people on social media claimed that one of the security guards was former TNA/Impact Wrestling star Crimson due to his distinguishable tattoos. Crimson worked with Impact on and off from 2010 until 2017.

Jordynne Grace wants former WWE star to join IMPACT Wrestling

During a recent appearance on “The Angle Podcast,” IMPACT Wrestling star Jordynne Grace revealed that she wants former WWE NXT 2.0 Superstar Dakota Kai to join IMPACT Wrestling. She said:

“So this is such a hard question because I feel like AEW has signed a lot of people. But someone that would be awesome to wrestle is Dakota Kai. I don’t think [Dakota] got her full due at WWE and I think that IMPACT would really be a great place for her to go. She has a very unique look, a unique wrestling style, and I feel like the Knockouts division, she kind of personifies that.”

Dakota Kai recently trademarked the name King Kota but she has not wrestled since her release. Meanwhile, Jordan Grace has to worry about another name who received her WWE release in the last year as Mia Yim will face Grace for the championship at IMPACT Emergence in Chicago this August.

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