Donald Trump Jokes About Global Disaster

Former President Donald Trump recently spoke on Fox & Friends, addressing what he perceives as the most significant existential threat to humanity at present, while downplaying concerns about global warming.



During his remarks on illegal immigration, Trump emphasized his belief that, aside from nuclear weapons, which he considers the primary threat, global warming is not as pressing. He expressed skepticism about the predictions of rising sea levels, suggesting it may simply result in more beachfront property.

Trump criticized President Biden’s focus on global warming as the “greatest existential threat” to the country, dismissing it as a term Biden uses without full understanding. Instead, Trump underscored the dangers posed by countries possessing nuclear weapons, describing them as capable of causing widespread destruction.

He highlighted the open border as a significant concern, expressing worry about the influx of people from various regions, including those from jails and mental institutions, whom he referred to as some of the sickest individuals. Trump asserted his intention to undertake a significant deportation effort, likening it to Eisenhower’s actions.

In addition, Trump lamented other societal changes, such as the restrictions on children’s activities like Little League games in places like New York, which he deemed as part of a broader trend that he finds concerning.

“But this is the big threat. I watched Biden the other night. It’s the greatest existential — he loves that word because it’s a big word and he thinks — you know, he thinks — he knows — he doesn’t even know what the hell the word means. He goes, it’s the greatest existential threat to our country, global warming. In the meantime, you’ve got these maniacs with nuclear weapons that can do damage which I won’t even talk to you about,” Trump continued, adding:

It’s the greatest. There has never been anything like it. The power of weaponry today. It will be obliteration. And that’s your real threat. But in terms of our country, a real threat are the people that are coming in, that are being allowed to come in. Who wants to have an open border where millions of people are coming into our country, right? Millions and millions, and not just from South America. They’re coming in from Africa, from the Middle East, from Europe, from all over the world they’re coming in. And they’re coming in from jails, and they’re coming in from mental institutions, insane asylums.

The worst — some of the sickest people, mentally ill people, are being dropped into our country. We’re going to be paying for this for a long time. Now, I’m going to do the big deportation. The biggest ever. Eisenhower did the biggest. This will be bigger. But it’s a very tough thing.

What they’ve done to our country is unthinkable that they could do this. And so many other things. I mean, you go into New York, the kids can’t have Little League games anymore. It sounds so trivial, right?

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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