Donald Trump Jr. Brutally Attacks Lindsey Graham

Donald Trump Jr. recently took to his Twitter account and sent out a Tweet.



Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is facing rebuke from Republicans in the House and Senate after he touted his effort to pass a bipartisan resolution pushing for Ukraine to be admitted into NATO amid its war with Russia.

Discussing the effort in a tweet, Graham said he believes there’s “overwhelming” support for the proposal in the Senate and claimed that Ukrainian membership in NATO is “vital to the future security of Europe and the world.”

“I will be working with Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to pass a resolution urging the admission of Ukraine into NATO,” Graham said of the effort. “The best way to prevent future wars and promote peace is to create security guarantees that make aggressor nations think twice before starting wars.”

“Ukrainian NATO membership is vital to the future security of Europe and the world. I believe there is an overwhelming majority of Senators supporting this proposition,” he added.

He wrote:

“So your literal plan is to add Ukraine to NATO so we can go from fighting a proxy war to a direct war with Russia, sending American kids to die on the other side of the world for… what, exactly???”

Check it out below:

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul shouted down Graham’s proposal in a Friday evening tweet, insisting that it is “exactly wrong” and warning that it has the potential to lead the United States into a war with Russia.

“Absolutely not. This is exactly wrong – as usual – and could very well lead us to war with Russia, something no one should want,” Paul said in response to a tweet from Graham.

The senator also drew backlash from House Republicans, including Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., who wrote in a tweet: “I’m sure Lindsey Graham knows this, but this would mean American troops on the ground in Ukraine.”

“The American people will not stand by and allow our troops to go die in someone else’s war,” the congresswoman added.

Taking aim at the proposal and speaking out against it, Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., said that “expanding NATO” does not fall in line with the interests of Americans.

“Expansion of NATO, a Cold War relic, led to the rise of Putin, also a Cold War relic, culminating in the invasion of Ukraine. Expanding NATO further is not in the interests of US citizens,” Massie wrote in a tweet.

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