Donald Trump Jr. Drops Jeffrey Epstein Bombshell

Donald Trump Jr took to Twitter and pointed out how no one can figure out who left the coke in the White House in the same way no one can’t figure out who’s on the Epstein client list.



They can’t figure out who left the coke in the White House just like they magically can’t figure out who’s on the Epstein client list. They know, they just don’t care and won’t do anything till it’s no longer convenient for their narrative.

Congressman James Comer (R-KY) remains undeterred in his pursuit of investigating the Biden family, despite a recent twist that has cast doubt on his key informant. Comer, who chairs the House Oversight Committee, appeared on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the indictment of Gal Luft, whom he had previously touted as a crucial whistleblower in his Biden probe. However, Luft himself is now facing serious charges, including lying to law enforcement, acting as an unregistered Chinese foreign agent, and international arms trafficking.

When asked about the timing of the indictment, Comer dismissed any notion of coincidence, sarcastically remarking that “the timing is always coincidental, according to the Democrats at the Department of Justice.” He emphasized that despite the legal troubles faced by Luft, the allegations he made against the Bidens regarding their business dealings with CEFC China Energy should not be disregarded. Comer pointed out that both Luft and the Bidens were associated with the same company and even shared office space, making it imperative to delve deeper into these allegations and examine the FBI’s notes.

The congressman also highlighted a meeting Luft had years ago with FBI officials and Department of Justice prosecutors at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, where he provided information about Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partners. Comer suggested that the fact that the authorities took an interest in what Luft had to say indicates a certain level of credibility. He expressed his astonishment at the swiftness with which the Department of Justice acts against some individuals while seemingly turning a blind eye to others. Comer further emphasized the irony that the charges brought against Luft primarily revolve around not registering as a foreign agent, which is precisely the main accusation that has been leveled against the Bidens.

“So this company that Gal Luft was working for, who he was getting paid for, is the same company that the Bidens not only were getting paid for, they we also sharing office space,’ Comer said. “So we definitely want to hear more about these allegations and we want to see the notes from the FBI.”

Comer then referred to the meeting Luft had with FBI officials and DOJ prosecutors years ago at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, where he provided the information he had about Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partners.

Obviously, they were concerned about something he had to say there. There’s some level of credibility there. So there are a lot of questions here and it’s just amazing the Department of Justice moves so quickly against some people. But then, Laura, the ultimate irony is what are the charges they levied against he was not being a registered foreign agent, which is the main thing we’ve said the Bidens were all along.

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