Donald Trump Jr. Melts Down Outside Court Room

Donald Trump Jr. recently had a meltdown outside the Court room as he said the following:



“The fact that they are holding a rally across the street from this very witch hunt right across the street tells us exactly what we all knew all along, that it is a political persecution. It is a witch hunt. There is a reason one of the people sitting at that desk was the number three person in Joe Biden’s DOJ. I know my father is not allowed to say Matthew Colangelo in his name. Right, because he’s been gagged. The President of the United States is not allowed to exercise his First Amendment rights in New York City in this day and age.”

Donald Trump Jr. recently described the relationship between Diddy (Sean Combs) and the late Kim Porter as “weird” during an interview with DJ Akademiks. Trump Jr. shared that his ex-wife, Vanessa Kay, was a friend of Porter during her modeling career. He recalled receiving a call from Kay after Porter’s death in 2018, during which she described the relationship as unusual.

According to Trump Jr., Kay expressed fear of Diddy based on stories she heard from Porter. He stated that Kay mentioned Porter lived in fear of something happening due to her association with Diddy. Trump Jr. insinuated that something seemed off about Porter’s death, suggesting that it was uncommon for a 47-year-old to die from pneumonia.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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