Donald Trump Jr. Posts Racist Democrat Video

Donald Trump Jr. recently took to his Twitter account and posted a video clip which has Pete Buttigieg in the video. He wrote the following caption:



There’s a chemical catastrophe going on in Ohio form one of this weeks numerous train derailments but mayor Pete, our failed transportation secretary, rather than do his job is race baiting & complaining that there are too many white construction workers.

Video journalist Nick Sortor and East Palestine, Ohio, residents Nathan Izotic and his wife Kelly spoke out about the Biden administration’s response to the toxic chemical spill in the state after a Norfolk Southern train derailed in early February.  East Palestine Fire Chief Keith Drabick said on Feb. 7 that air and water testing showed it was safe for residents to return home. However, some of those who have done so have reported sick and dying animals in the area.

Nathan Izotic said he and his wife are “very” concerned about the effects of the chemical release:

“We are seeing them locally and inside of our bodies. What we’re experiencing- local fish in our creeks have died….oily sheens and coloration in our water….[the] constant smell of burning plastics and chemicals in the air…issues with our dog…vomiting, acting lethargic. It’s scary stuff here,” he said Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Izotic added that he and his family have returned home and live roughly two miles from where the incident happened. Although officials said it was safe for residents to return, he said his family still doesn’t feel comfortable:

“As soon as we got [to] the Ohio line, we immediately smelled the chemicals yet again. And since then, I now have the chemical burns and reaction rash on my face, and my throat is getting irritated again and [I’m] feeling very uneasy. Very uneasy,” he explained.

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