Donald Trump Jr. Reveals Angry Tucker Carlson Remark

 Donald Trump Jr. was asked by Bill O’Reilly about Tucker Carlson texting he hated the former President ‘passionately’ in late 2020.




“In all fairness when you’ve gone through all the stuff I’ve been through with hearings about treason, someone texting in the heat of the moment doesn’t upset me in the slightest.”

According to Trending Politics, on Monday, Bill O’Reilly, a former host of Fox News, delved into the recent dismissal of Tucker Carlson, one of the network’s most popular anchors. According to O’Reilly, Fox was not eager to let go of Carlson, but a confluence of factors, including pending lawsuits against the network, may have made the decision unavoidable.

During his “No Spin” podcast, O’Reilly asserted that Fox had been under significant legal pressure lately, with three separate lawsuits pending against them. This added pressure may have made the decision to let go of Carlson more challenging for the network, especially given the recent settlement of a $787 million agreement with Dominion Voting Systems. This settlement was made in response to allegations that the company’s machines had contributed to the loss of President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Despite the challenges, Fox made the difficult decision to part ways with Carlson, one of their most recognizable faces. The network will undoubtedly be facing a period of transition as they work to fill the void left by his departure. Still, it is clear that the legal challenges they are facing are a significant factor in the decisions they are making and the direction they are taking as a network.

“Fox News did not want to remove Tucker Carlson because, as you pointed out, he was the second highest-rated program on the network next to The Five, and he was the most well-known individual host. But there are lawsuits coming on the wake of Dominion… now you have Smartmatic coming up and you have two individual lawsuits… So one of Tucker Carlson’s producers taped a whole bunch of stuff… and those tapes are not good for the Carlson program. The second things was last night on 60 Minutes, Ray Epps told the audience ‘Tucker Carlson ruined my life and my family’s life by accusing me of having some kind of provocative role in the January 6th riots at the Capitol.’ That was setting Epps up for a massive lawsuit against Fox News and Tucker Carlson.

“So that’s three lawsuits we know about and there will be more by shareholders that are angry about the $800 million settlement. Faced with that, the board of directors said, ‘We’ve gotta start cleaning this up,’” said O’Reilly.

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