Donald Trump Jr. Swears During Indictment Meltdown

It has been a chaotic day for the former U.S. president, Donald Trump. After waging war against the legal system, today he was indicted. Reactions to the decision that many have disagreed with are received by various persons, including Trump’s family members and lawmakers – and not all are receiving the information in the same manner. Donald Trump Jr. is livid. 

As per a report published by Semafor, the Former U.S. President Donald Trump was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury this Thursday, March 30th regarding the Stormy Daniels hush money case. The charges against him are not know as the indictment is still under seal and is expected to be announced in the upcoming days.



The news prompted strong reactions from Trump’s sons, Mike Pence, and Ron DeSantis along with lawmakers and activists. Here are some notable ones.

The Florida governor who is expected to be Trump’s rival for the Republican presidential nomination called the indictment “un-American” and said “Florida will not assist in an extradition request.”

“I think the unprecedented indictment of a former president of the United States on a campaign finance issue is an outrage” Pence told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday.

This is third world prosecutorial misconduct. It is the opportunistic targeting of a political opponent in a campaign year.

Robert Hadley
Robert Hadley
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