Donald Trump Literally Delivers Pizza In Video

Former President Donald Trump on Sunday delivered pizza to first responders in Waukee, Iowa after he held a rally ahead of the Iowa Republican Presidential Caucuses.



It has been noted that as usual, Trump spoke to a packed house.  President Trump honored the first responders at the fire department.

“That’s a lot of pizza!” Trump said as he walked the pizza over to the firefighters.

“Look at the arms on that guy!” Trump said to one of the firefighters.

Trump made sure everybody got a slice.

“That’s good pizza,” Trump said.

This isn’t the first time he’s handing out pizza. Back in September last year, Trump was thronged by a crowd of his supporters on Wednesday during a stop at a local bar in Bettendorf, Iowa, where he handed out pizzas to those in attendance.

More than a hundred people packed into Kathy’s Treehouse Pub and Eatery, where Trump signed dollar bills, caps and the tank top and later, the arm of a female supporter during a campaign trip in Iowa, reported news agency AP.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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