Donald Trump Looks Bloated In ‘Unflattering’ Photos

Jimmy Kimmel recently mocked former President Donald Trump who complained about unflattering photos of himself during a recent speech.



“Did you see the horrible photos of me with my stomach out to here? What I’m doing today is putting up a picture of what I actually look like. You’ll see — I wouldn’t say slim but not bad, but the ball does go far. I would say it goes about nine times further than [Joe] Biden can hit it,” Trump, 77, said to his supporters at a recent rally.

“This is one of those things where he’s pissed off about one of those things that no one knows about, so then we look it up and know about it. I still don’t know which picture it is. Is it this picture of him? Is it this one? There are so many. I don’t know which fatty shack I am not supposed to look at. By the way, that not bad picture of him smashing a ball, he said he was going to post it, he never posted it,” the TV host, 56, replied to the video clip.

“Somehow he wasn’t able to locate that one. Trump is digging deep this time. He’s trying to work all the angles. He loves pushing the Joe Biden is too old to be president narrative, but it blows up in his face because he has a lot of senior moments himself. He thought Obama was still president the other day, he confused Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi, which is embarrassing, so now his claim is that he does it on purpose.”

This past week, Kimmel has been on a rant about the former president, especially after he sent a bizarre Valentine’s Day message to his wife, Melania Trump.



Barry Russell
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