Donald Trump May Get Banned From Using Home For…

NBC News reporter Tom Winter presented a grim outlook for Donald Trump in the wake of a judge’s ruling that found the former New York businessman and president consistently engaged in fraud.



The morning show, Morning Joe, started with the startling news that New York Judge Arthur Engoron, in a detailed 35-page decision, determined that Trump repeatedly misrepresented his financial information, resulting in favorable loan terms and reduced insurance premiums. Judge Engoron characterized Trump’s defense as rooted in a “fantasy world” rather than reality.

MSNBC’s Jonathan Lemire began the discussion by highlighting Trump’s long history of exaggerating his wealth, which he had done even before entering politics. Lemire pointed out that the current legal ramifications could potentially jeopardize Trump’s ability to conduct business in New York State, where his extensive empire, including Trump Tower, one of his homes, and several golf courses, is based.

Tom Winter, responding to Lemire’s question about the realism of such consequences, expressed that it is indeed quite plausible. He mentioned that while Trump has vowed to appeal the decision, New York appellate courts have not been receptive to his arguments thus far. He noted that the attorney general possesses the authority to take such actions, and it largely depends on how the first appellate division in the state of New York rules, which is expected to uphold the decision.

Winter went on to elaborate on the details of the fraud ruling and referenced the reporting of his colleague, Gretchen Morgenson. He pointed out that the last financial institution to grant Trump a loan was Ladder Capital, and this loan was facilitated by the son of Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg, who had previously pleaded guilty to fraud charges and served time in prison.

Donald Trump has exaggerated his entire life; well before he got into politics, he would inflate the assets, his sense of his worth,” MSNBC’s Jonathan Lemire opened, before noting, “But now there are real consequences, and it seems to be there’s a chance to he could lose his business certificate; his ability to do business in New York State, which is where his empire is located. It’s where Trump Tower is. It’s where he’s got several golf courses. How realistic is that to happen? What would that mean?”

“At this point, it’s very realistic. I want to find out what the appellate courts say about this, and Trump has obviously vowed to appeal, but so far, they have not taken kindly to his arguments in New York state,” Winter replied.

“The attorney general absolutely has the authority to do so,” he added before hedging slightly if the first appellate division in the state of New York upholds it, as it is expected to do.

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