Donald Trump Mobbed In Iowa Restaurant Video

According to Gateway Pundit, President Trump made a grand entrance at the Whiskey River Restaurant in Ankeny, Iowa, receiving a rock-star welcome from enthusiastic supporters. The crowd cheered and took photos as Trump walked into the restaurant, capturing the attention of onlookers.



In a post on social media, Trump senior advisor Dan Scavino shared the moment, stating, “45 arrives at the Whiskey River Restaurant in beautiful Ankeny, Iowa! 44 DAYS to Caucuses, LET’S GO IOWA!”

After his entrance, President Trump delivered remarks in Ankeny, Iowa, ahead of the Republican Iowa caucuses. The state has proven to be Trump country, with a recent Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom Iowa poll indicating strong support for the former president. According to the poll, 43% of likely Republican caucusgoers selected Trump as their first choice, significantly outpacing his closest rivals.

During his speech, Trump emphasized the importance of securing the vote and expressed confidence in the support he had in Iowa. He highlighted the need to protect the integrity of the electoral process.

DES MOINES, Iowa — DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Ron DeSantis plans on Saturday to complete his campaign promise to visit each of Iowa’s 99 counties, a timeworn tactic for presidential candidates hoping to make their mark in the leadoff state over months mingling with voters at the state’s diners, cookouts and Pizza Ranches.

But the Florida governor’s moment, like much of his campaign, will take place under the towering shadow of former President Donald Trump.

Around the same time DeSantis is set to take the stage Saturday afternoon in Newton, Iowa, Trump will be addressing cheering supporters about 100 miles away in Cedar Rapids.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also campaigned in Iowa on the same day, albeit about 100 miles away from where President Trump was speaking. Despite DeSantis completing his campaign promise to visit each of Iowa’s 99 counties, his efforts were overshadowed by Trump’s presence. The former president’s influence and popularity in Iowa were evident, with DeSantis facing an uphill battle to compete for attention in the state.

This event underscored the ongoing political dynamics within the Republican Party, with Trump’s influence continuing to shape the landscape and impact the positioning of other potential candidates.

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