Donald Trump Niece Brutally Exposes Ivanka

Mary Trump Donald Trump’s late older brother’s daughter, Mary Trump recently made bold statements on about the former President in an interview with Msnbc on Sunday, December 11th.



Mary Trump opens up on the matter

In her latest interview which came as more Republicans continue to distance themselves from the former Potus, the 57-year-old psychologist revealed that the 76-year-old former president’s daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, also are among the people distancing themselves from him, and have now cut ties with him because he is “losing value.”

She also went on to say that the couple, who served as Trump’s senior advisors when he was in the White House, now realize that he has “damaged them, at least socially,” and they want to remove themselves from him and politics in general as a result.

It has been noted that Ivanka was going to be taking a back seat during her father’s third presidential run, telling the public that she is choosing to focus on her husband and children this time round, but Mary has now gone into more detail into her cousin’s decision, saying that both she and Jared “finally realized that they gain more by staying away from Donald than they do by staying aligned with him.”

“Donald is definitely losing value in terms of the party, and in terms of politics generally. And Ivanka and Jared are legitimately wealthy people apart from whatever Donald is doing, so they don’t need him to the same degree they might have,” she added.

Mary Trump didn’t just spill the family secrets, as she also told Msnbc’s Ali Velshi that she thinks her uncle “will burn everything down” should the GOP abandon him, as he tends to lash out at those he believes have wronged him. “Donald becomes his most dangerous when he fears loss of relevance,” she warned, adding that it would not be “smart to ignore him” because the Republican Party’s “strategy of just deciding to turn in a different direction won’t work” when Trump “won’t let them do it” and when Republican lawmakers are “largely responsible for the state of the party and the dangers this party continues to present to this country.”

“They have created this monster. Republicans have been doing this forever. It happened with the Tea Party and now Donald is just the latest incarnation of creating a monster they think they can control and they end up getting controlled by the monster, so to speak,” she continued.

“So they cannot abandon him wholesale because they need the base. They are tied to this White supremacist, antisemitic, anti-immigrant, misogynistic base that they continue to have to cater to. They can’t say that out loud so they waltz around it.”

“We cannot let Donald get away with this nonsense,” she demanded. “He is the Republican Party and he represents the Republican Party as much now as he did six years ago.”

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