Donald Trump ‘Pressures’ Judge Cannon To…

In a recent development, attorneys representing former President Donald Trump are leveraging a Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity to bolster his defense in a criminal case in Florida concerning mishandling classified documents. Trump’s legal team has filed a court motion seeking an updated schedule in the federal case, citing the Supreme Court’s ruling which they argue undermines the prosecution’s assertion that Trump has no immunity.



The Supreme Court’s decision, originally tied to a case involving election subversion efforts in Washington, DC, has broader implications across all four criminal cases Trump faces. Trump’s attorneys specifically pointed to Justice Clarence Thomas’s concurrence questioning the validity of special counsel Jack Smith’s appointment, asserting that this supports their motions challenging Smith’s authority and funding.

Trump’s legal strategy aims to use the Supreme Court opinion to potentially dismiss key evidence in the classified documents case. This move is expected to further delay proceedings in Judge Aileen Cannon’s courtroom in Fort Pierce, Florida, where various pretrial matters, including Trump’s motion to dismiss charges based on presidential immunity, await decisions.

Judge Cannon, appointed by Trump, has yet to schedule hearings on these matters but is likely to consider the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling, which affirmed certain presidential powers are immune from prosecution, potentially affecting Trump’s actions regarding the removal of classified records from the White House.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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