Donald Trump Racist Georgia Rant Revealed

Donald Trump is making some bold predictions – some favorable, some perhaps less. A report has been made by at least one media outlet that Trump’s latest plan of attack will be a crackdown on crime. This includes the homeless, drug-addiction and those who are sadly suffering from mental illness.



Trump has stated on Truth Social: “This is the real crime that took place in Georgia, with a Racist in Reverse D.A., who presides over the most dangerous city per capita in our Nation (by far!), Atlanta, does nothing but harass me for making two absolutely PERFECT phone calls, and for any other fake reason that the Department of Injustice in D.C. tells her to pursue. They are demanding silence from people from protesting, or even discussing, Election results, because that’s the place they just don’t want to get anywhere near!”

As per Rolling Stones, Donald J. Trump, this Monday released his “Plan to End Crime and Restore Law and Order,” as he continues upon his epic quest to retake the White House in the year of our Lord, 2024. 

The supposed “new plan” is a rehash of past policy goals — from his 2016 campaign, from his administration — including expanding the use of the federal death penalty, sending in the military when local law enforcement “refuses to act,” and assailing bail reform, for starters. In the video trumpeting these proposals this week, the former president also teased harsher crackdowns — should he return to the Oval Office — on people without homes and those addicted to drugs.

“We will also take back our streets from the homeless, the drug-addicted, and the mentally ill,” he said, almost offhandedly, at the end of Monday’s announcement, per his presidential campaign’s transcript. Trump then only adds: “I will discuss those plans in much more detail very soon. That is how I will bring back public safety to America.”

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