Donald Trump ‘Rattled’ During Court Hearing On TV

New York Times correspondent and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman provided her insights on how former President Donald Trump and his associates are reacting to the televised progression of the Georgia election crimes case during an interview with CNN anchor Jake Tapper. The case has taken a prominent position in the national spotlight, and its impact on Trump’s psyche and his inner circle was a topic of discussion.



On Wednesday, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee conducted the first televised hearing in the election crimes case, a significant development since cameras were permitted in the courtroom. During this hearing, attorneys for co-defendants Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell sought to separate their cases from the other 17 co-defendants, but their request was ultimately denied by the judge.

Tapper, addressing Haberman as the “Trump Whisperer,” sought her insights on how the progress in the election crimes case was affecting Trump and his supporters. Haberman delved into the multifaceted nature of their concerns, highlighting several key factors.

Firstly, Haberman noted that the scope and extent of the case troubled Trump and his inner circle. While Trump might not be particularly concerned about the factual details of the case, he was deeply bothered by the prosecutor, Fani Willis. Trump had been openly critical of Willis for an extended period, expressing his displeasure with her repeatedly. Haberman attributed this to Trump’s discomfort with women in positions of power and individuals he perceives as attacking him. It was pointed out that he had also targeted the male prosecutor, the Manhattan district attorney.

Additionally, Haberman highlighted the presence of audio recordings related to Trump in the case, which had the effect of upsetting him. Trump’s discomfort with being recorded or taped was well-documented, and this aspect of the case added to his unease.

Moreover, Haberman emphasized that the Georgia case was just one of many legal challenges faced by Trump and his associates. The sheer number of ongoing legal battles had created an atmosphere of constant pressure and scrutiny within Trump’s inner circle, leaving them feeling under siege.

TAPPER: Today was the first televised hearing in the Georgia case, and I’m wondering what’s going on in the minds of Trump people right now.

HABERMAN: So, the Georgia case is disturbing to them on a couple of levels. Number one is the scope, the sprawl of this. I don’t think in Trump’s mind this case bothers him in terms of the facts and the details. The prosecutor bothers him. He has been complaining about Fani Willis for months and months and months and months. And I think that is only going to continue.


HABERMAN: Well, because women in power, among other things, tend to upset him, people who he feels he’s under attack from upset him. He has also attacked the male prosecutor, the Manhattan district attorney. But he has been very focused on her in particular, and this case has gotten to him. Also, don’t forget, there’s a tape recording of him or an audio recording of him in this case, too, actually. And that tends to upset him, too, when he’s on tape.

This is all taking place, though, Jake, with an overlap with so many other cases that it’s almost impossible to pull them apart in Trump land at this point. They just feel under siege at all times.


In summary, the televised progress of the Georgia election crimes case had a profound impact on Trump and his associates, raising concerns about the prosecutor, the presence of audio recordings, and the overall legal challenges they were confronting. This case added to the sense of being under siege that pervaded Trump’s inner circle amid a landscape of numerous legal battles.

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