Donald Trump Reacts To Conor McGregor Loss In Video

Several celebrities showed up to see Conor McGregor take on Dustin Poirier in the ‘final chapter’ of their trilogy of fights at UFC 264. During the match, McGregor would ultimately break his leg after missing a punch which lead to a doctor’s stoppage and Poirier winning the bout in the very first round. Conor McGregor was ‘Exposed For Cheating’ In this recently released UFC 264 Photo



Celebrities from Justin Bieber to Megan Fox to Odel Beckham Jr were present during this star-studded attraction however one name truly sticks out as former president of the United States, Donald Trump was right in the middle of the fray. Trump, who served as America’s 45th president, can be see looking on during the action in a new Instagram video clip that was uploaded by WiseGuyTV. It can be seen below.

Over on the ever popular UFC subreddit, fans discussed the after math of the McGregor Vs. Poirier fight and what the result could mean going forward for not only the fighters involved but the UFC as well.

One user by the username of GymTanLaundryLife proclaimed that Conor McGregor will ultimately be back from this disappointing result, at least one more time. The user stated the following: “Connor will be back 1 more time. All you have to do is go to your bar hosting UFC fights to see what a huge draw he is like last night. The amount of people out was insane to watch this fight. Nobody else compares in turnout, excitement, talk, casuals you name it. The mass show up to watch Connor whether you like him or not.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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