Donald Trump Rejected Female CNN Host

Trump on Truth Social disparages Burnett’s ratings, calls her a “Fake News CNN Host(ess),” and accuses her of reporting false and inflammatory stories about him. He alleges that she repeatedly called him in the past to secure a spot on “The Apprentice,” a show he describes as a “ratings phenomenon.” Trump claims he allowed her on the show multiple times but eventually refused her further requests. He criticizes Burnett as not being smart and boring, and he implies that her show may be on the brink of cancellation. The post concludes with Trump stating, “Anyway, just sayin’.”



Ratings challenged Erin Burnett, the Fake News CNN Host(ess?) who is constantly and very boringly reporting false and semi-inflammatory stories about your favorite President, used to call me, over and over again, in my prior, beautiful, and very simple life, to get herself on The Apprentice, “a ratings phenomenon” (Variety). She would do ANYTHING! I let her on the show a number of times, but her calls didn’t stop, and I finally told her,“Sorry, no more.” The fact is she was not smart, and very boring, much like she is today on her soon to be canceled (???) show – put it to sleep! Anyway, just sayin’.

Former President Donald Trump engaged in a late-night Twitter tirade, lashing out at CNN anchor Erin Burnett hours after she had called out his recent anti-immigrant comments and compared them to Adolf Hitler’s rhetoric. Trump’s comments had stirred controversy as he had used the phrase “poisoning the blood of our country,” which had historical echoes.

During a segment on CNN’s OutFront, Burnett had questioned Republican Representative Anthony D’Esposito about Trump’s remarks, specifically noting the historical context of the phrase “poisoning the blood,” which had been used by Hitler. The congressman responded cautiously, saying it was perhaps not the best choice of words.

However, in a tweet posted around 1:40 a.m. on Saturday, Trump fired back at Burnett with a stream-of-consciousness rant. He criticized her as “ratings-challenged” and accused her of reporting false and inflammatory stories about him. Trump claimed that Burnett had repeatedly called him during his time as a reality TV star to secure a spot on “The Apprentice,” a show he referred to as a “ratings phenomenon.” He alleged that Burnett would do anything to be on the show and suggested that her calls became so persistent that he eventually told her “no more.” Trump then criticized Burnett as not being smart and boring, likening her current show to being on the verge of cancellation.

The tweet also implied that Trump had allowed Burnett on “The Apprentice” multiple times, and he concluded by suggesting that her show should be canceled. In his tweet, Trump mentioned Burnett’s past appearances on “The Apprentice” as a “boardroom adviser.”

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